PhD Scholarship at Marine Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI)

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Computer Science Graduates
Marine Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI)
The SFI Centre for Marine Renewable Energy Research
Ireland  is  in  one  of  the  best  locations  in  the  World  in  terms  of  marine  renewable  energy resources.  The  Centre  for  Marine  Renewable  Energy  Ireland  (MaREI)  will  develop  the science required by industry to generate energy from wave, tidal and floating wind devices. The MaREI project requires graduates in computer science or related disciplines interesting in pursuing a PhD program that would require research during their education program in the following areas.
  • Simulation for Decision
This project aims to develop a decision-support tool for rapid modelling and analysis of the logistics and supply chain requirements for initially constructing offshore wind generation capabilities and then the logistics support for the long-term operations of those facilities. These networks will include a variety of critical nodes and links for successful construction and management of these facilities. Simulation will be used to analyse the flow of materials and people through the network. The tool would be used for analyses to determine network throughput capability based upon current assets, resources, and models of existing business processes.  Users will then be able to track utilization of critical resources, and identify potential bottlenecks that limit effectiveness.  The system will support optimization of the logistics support operations by supporting the exploration of alternative investments and processes
The scholarship include fees and stipend plus travel and equipment expenses. For further information contact paul.walsh@cit.ie