Consulting Services for the Wind Energy Sector in Vietnam
Deadline: 6th of April 2015
Country: Vietnam


Ref.: Consultancy Services for supporting the development of wind energy in Vietnam (Wind Master Plan Phase 1)
Tenderer: Ministry of Investment and Trade (MoIT) in Vietnam

Project Measures: In order to support a fast and efficient roll out of wind power technology in Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam (MoIT) referred to as PEA (Project Executing agency) aims to implement a Wind Master Plan for selected regions/areas in Vietnam.

Requested Services:
1. Identify zones and areas of interest for the development of wind energy projects.
2. Install wind measurements in these identified areas;
3. Perform energy yield assessment and ranking of the different sites

The time frame foreseen for the project implementation is 42 months. The qualification of experienced consultants is subject to the regulations contained in the “Guidelines for Assignment of Consultants in Financial Cooperation Projects with partners countries” (see www.kfw-entwicklungsbank.de). The contract will be awarded to an independent accredited/certified consulting firm with proven international experience in the wind energy sector, and particularly in the installation, operation and monitoring of wind measurement campaigns in similar environments, as well as proven regional experience and a minimum annual turnover of €2 million. The language of the project shall be English and Vietnamese.

For further information and invitation documents please contact:

New and Renewable Energy Department,
General Directorate of Energy,
23 Ngo Quyen, Ha Noi
Tel.: 844 62786178; Mob. 0989994216